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Don’t know what to expect and how to plan the perfect birding tour?

Here you can find the complete list of endemic and almost endemic birds of Colombia and where to find them. You can also take a look to the most popular birding areas and which species you may be able to see in each one.

-Here you will know which places to visit to complete your species wish-list and have the best birding experience you could have in Colombia.

Colombia – Birds Paradise

Click here to see the list of endemic and nearly endemic birds.

Nearly 90 Endemic Bird Species in these birding areas!

By having the highest bird diversity in the world, Colombia is the birds paradise! with over 1900 bird species recorded. Specific and unique ecosystems place us No. 3 in number of endemic species .


Colombia Birdwatching for bird lovers

Western Andes

Full of orchids and cloud forests the Western Andes and sorroundings are a paradise for birdwatching. This Cordillera and the Cauca Valley hold species that are not easily seen in other departments, discover endangered species and more!

colombia central andes birding areas

Central Andes

At the center of the country lies the Central Cordillera which is home to numerous Paramos, and Volcanos. The rainy forests and dense fog are perfectly suitable habitats for secretive and mysterious species.

birding iin colombia eastern andes

Eastern Andes

The Eastern Cordillera is the longest one in Colombia, holding a great variety of habitats, regions and ecosystems. A mosaic of Snowy peaks, Paramos, Cloud forests and Wetlands distribute throughout these mountains.

come bird watching in the magdalena valley

Magdalena Valley

A common and highly suggested location for birdwatching. The valley holds numerous regions in which weather and humidity conditions vary greatly, creating several habitats and a strong elevational gradient which generate a lot of diversity.

Sierra nevada de santa marta best bird watching area

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

From the shoreline to the snowy peaks, Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha has it all! Its isolation and proximity to the coast creates unique environments and several ecosystems which hold one of the most singular bird communities of the world!

colombian orinoquia, special places for birds

Orinoquia & Eastern Plains

The floodplains and extensive savannas at the east of Colombia are wide and diverse regions that include gallery forests and plains with different kinds of vegetation. This region is home to numerous species of aquatic birds.