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We offer the option of having a totally personalized and customized experience depending on your requirements. While planning for your perfect tour we will ask you to provide information about your transportation, food and accommodation preferences.

Depending on your budget, time and requirements we will provide several itinerary options for you to choose and have the perfect trip. (We are open and willing to take last-minute changes and complications).

Remember, even if you are an experienced birder, you just started birding or you just enjoy birds we will make sure you have the best birding experience!



Birding fees and Conditions

When you choose the best option for your desired tour, we will send you a detail itinerary and budget (including specific entry fees and if advanced payment is needed). It is very important that you have updated medical and travel insurance, for us to give you the best experience without taking any risks. Our fees will normally include specialized birding guides and travel companions, and all the logistic arrangements from the moment you arrive to Colombia until you leave!

– Every birder will have to cover his/her (and the guides) expenses on lodging, transportation and food.