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Experiences and Reviews from our Happy Birdwatchers!

Here you can find the complete list of birds seen and heard, reviews, experiences and anecdotes for you to fulfill your expectactions!




Joan Edwards & Family


“We had a fabulous trip with Paulo and Maria and could not have asked for better.  Our group of 5 had a range of birders from very experienced to novices.  Paulo and Maria were excellent at working with all of us, making sure we each saw almost every bird.  They were persistent and patient.    They were particularly good at finding endemics. To see a collection of birds each of which is only found in one small area was thrilling for us and gave insight into speciation in this part of the world.  We also very much enjoyed visiting different Andean habitats from the magical paramo at high elevations to the native Colombian oak forests.  We even visited a forest that had been restored from pasture, which gave hope for all.  Accommodations were very comfortable.  Food varied from ok to excellent– but all were good.  Paulo and Maria were excellent at introducing us to native fruits and the Colombian cuisine.  We would rate this trip EXCELLENT!”


Suku, Cecilia & Jaime 


“Our experience with Amazona Tropical Birding last december in Antioquia, Colombia was marvelous.The places we visited had different ecosystems and natural conditions to observe many bird species; they were safe and no too far. Paulo’s guidence was very profesional and helpfull even for us without much experience birding. Logistics for transportation and restaurants were very well organized and prices of tours were very reasonable. For our next birding trip in Colombia, will contact Paulo to visit others intresting places with Amazona Tropical Birding.”






Jason Collins 


“For my first full day in Colombia, I decided that I wanted to go birding. I did some research and came across the Amazona Tropical Birding website. I really enjoyed its layout, and I found their prices to be very affordable. After reviewing their options, I decided that the “Ecosystems of the Aburra Valley” tour would suit me best. I contacted AT Birding, and they were prompt and professional in their responses. On the day of the tour, Paulo arrived on time to pick me up from my hotel. He drove a Subaru, so I knew he was a real birder! From there, we started our day and found some great birds. We saw many colorful finches, tanagers, warblers, parakeets, hummingbirds, and more. I was able to photograph many of the birds we found, and that made the tour even more worthwhile for me. Paulo is an accomplished birder, so if you book with AT Birding, know that you are in good, experienced hands. Also, Paulo is just an overall great guy. We had meaningful conversations about a number of topics, and we ate a nice lunch at a local vegan restaurant. All and all, my experience was 10/10. If I return to Colombia, I will definitely book another (longer) tour with AT Birding! Thanks for everything, Paulo!”


Heather Wolf


“I am so glad I chose Paulo and María as my bird guides during my stay in Medellín, Colombia! They planned a wonderful, customized itinerary over five days covering many different habitats and target birds. They were constantly on the lookout for birds to show me. I couldn’t believe it when they found a King Vulture soaring high above us! They are very knowledgeable and fun to bird with. I didn’t have to worry about any logistics; they picked me up and dropped me off right where I was staying. I can’t wait to do a trip with them again. I would highly recommend Paulo and Maria as your bird guides for Colombia!”





Pam Hawley & Tom Pierce 


“We just returned from an incredible four day birding adventure with Paulo and Maria near Medellin and in the beautiful cloud forests around Jardin. They enhanced this experience with their excellent knowledge of the birds and the areas and displayed wonderful skills in finding and assuring us to see the birds, following up with identification, pictures and songs. Their good communication, delightful demeanor and willingness to please, plus great English, made this trip twice as enjoyable and rewarding. They are two very impressive people and we highly recommend a birding adventure with them.”


Anssi Kullberg


“I had amazing two weeks in many of the spectacular birding habitats of Colombia. Paulo and Maria are excellent guides, they know their birds as well as where and when to find them. Magical locations, and great company. A very high rate of identification for almost every bird sighted or heard. with no hype. They are also very sociable and flexible to accommodate all sorts of wishes, or providing advice on practical issues related to traveling in Colombia. Both speak excellent English.”

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Mark Adams 


“I had a free day in Bogota and wanted to go birding with someone who knew the general area.  Paulo and Maria were recommended to me and I’m very pleased they were.  Their communication prior to the day was very good; we discussed options and target species and they recommended we go to El Tabacal.  All logistics were taken care of, pick up from my hotel door, comfortable vehicle (very well driven, thanks Maria) and all food supplied.  Very knowledgeable, good birders, easy going, friendly and great company.  They certainly look after you and work hard for the birds.  I’ll certainly contact them again if I’m lucky enough to be back in Bogota.  Thanks Paulo and Maria.  I have no hesitation in passing on the recommendation.”


Christian Hagenlocher


“Birding with AtBirding Tours was the perfect way to spend a day in Medellín. Not only were Paulo and Maria knowledgeable about the birds, but they helped explain the surroundings in a way that gave me a deeper appreciation for Colombia. Thank you both, and I’ll see you again for another trip!”



Carlos Pedrós-Alió 


“I hired Amazona Tropical Birding becuase they offered the best prize/quality I could find in internet. We visited Reserva Encenillo and two wetlands in Bogotá. Having two guides was great. Paulo would be pointing at a bird while María would be taking pictures or leasening to a distant bird in another direction. They were knowledgeable and easy going and made the experience remarkable. I will hire them agian in my next visit to Colombia. I am already counting days…”

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Eamon Corbett


“I spent two days birding with Paulo and Maria out of Bogota and had a fantastic time! We visited Chingaza and Laguna de Tabacal, and found an excellent (and imaginatively named) variety of species, including mountain-tanagers, sapphirewings, scythebills, chat-tyrants, sierra-finches, tapaculos, flowerpiercers, thornbills, and starfrontlets, just to name a bunch. They took care of all of the logistics and transportation, and the entire trip was very reasonably priced. Having them as guides is like birding with good friends who also happen to be great birders and know the species and sites well. I would definitely recommend Maria and Paulo and Amazona Tropical Birding to anyone who wants to get a taste of the incredible avifauna of Colombia.”




Oscar Mercado 


“Una gran experiencia fue salir a pajarear con ATbirding en las cercanías de Bogotá, muy amables y puntuales en la recogida y muy ameno en general el viaje. Se ve que conocen la zona y los hábitats. Muy simpático además Paulo… Muy recomendable”