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About Amazona Tropical Birding

We are professional biologists that share a common passion: Love for birds and amazement for the spectacular natural habitats that Colombia has to offer. We created Amazona Tropical Birding to share our curiosity and fascination for these magnificent animals. With its diverse landscapes, Colombia is home to a great number of endemic species and it offers the greatest bird diversity in the world. We are a small partnership willing to offer totally personalized and customized quality bird watching tours that will meet the expectations of every customer by incorporating the target species and budget requirements of our clients. In addition we will account for your travel expectations by providing several options for you to choose and plan your dream tour. Whether it’s your first time bird watching or you are a seasoned pro, don’t hesitate to book a tour with us, so you can get to know the beautiful and vastly diverse lands of Colombia!


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Who are your tour guides?

Birding expert MAria Isabel Castaño

María Isabel Castaño

Originally from Bogota, María completed her BSc in biology at the Universidad de los Andes. She has worked on a number of investigations, specializing in avian behaviour and ecology. Her curiosity and passion for birds started growing as she gained experience in the field, travelling throughout Colombia. María has extensive experience working in the Andes and her past research experiences have contributed to increasing our knowledge of natural history of Andean birds (devoted to Brush-finches). With over 4 years of experience working in Colombia, she is knowledgeable about birds and ready to be your guide, driver, and the best company to make your experience memorable!

birding guide paulo pulgarin, expert in birds

Paulo Pulgarín

Originally from Medellin Paulo has worked and bird watched extensively in Colombia, the Peruvian Amazon, Canada, the United States and throughout Europe. Paulo graduated with a degree in Biology in 2006 (working on Pheucticus grosbeaks) from the Universidad de Antioquia, an M.Sc in Biological Sciences in 2011 (devoted to woodpeckers) from the University of Lethbridge, in Alberta, and recently completed his Ph.D in Biology in 2017 (on tropical birds and malaria) at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá. Paulo has been birding and investigating since 2000, when enrolled in biology and began exploring the Central and Western Andean forests of Antioquia. Paulo has visited many Colombian regions on expeditions to isolated areas to find rare and endemic birds and also for the pleasure of birding. In addition he has taught ornithology at Universidad de Antioquia and at CES University in Medellín.